Coming Soon: Gravity Lane

  Instead of drawing a random image that somehow fits the theme of my next blog post, I created a video game instead. A few months ago I realized that static images are no longer enough to satisfy my creative needs. Around the same time I stumbled across a good place in Colombia to be … Continue reading Coming Soon: Gravity Lane

Try This At Home #3: Dramastep

Music Post Disclaimer: You might try that outside your home, but please use headphones with bass, as for the last music posts. Besides the cheese and the music, Colombia is a very diverse country. I understand why people like latin american music that much, for its cheery vibe, countless sub-genres and all those sexy hip-shaking … Continue reading Try This At Home #3: Dramastep

Una flor en el culo

At a certain point, visiting a country slowly turns into living there. Especially in a country like Spain where connecting to people is easier, compared to other places in Europe, you are very likely to end up with new friends, some of them being close even after a short amount of time. It still takes … Continue reading Una flor en el culo

Try This At Home #2: Dark Drum And Bass

Music Post Disclaimer: Please prepare headphones with good bass or a subwoofer and look up as many songs as possible on Spotify/Soundcloud. Some are available on Youtube or Spotify only. Have a good listen! It's Drum and Bass again! This time, in contrast to Colorful Drum and Bass, it's lacking colors completely and it's much … Continue reading Try This At Home #2: Dark Drum And Bass

Try This At Home: Colorful Drum And Bass

Disclaimer: Please prepare headphones with good bass or a subwoofer (or both). You'll miss something important if you don't, rest assured. Also, if you use Spotify, look up those songs there because I couldn't find high quality videos on Youtube for most music examples. Now that you've read this, be my guest. This is the … Continue reading Try This At Home: Colorful Drum And Bass

Fairly Sound Self-Medication

I love music. Occasionally, it saved my life (Youtube: Shipwreck). I'm not that much into numbing my senses or changing my current mood. Instead, I prefer to further increase the intensity of what's already there in my head, my current state of mind. It is a drug I never stop enjoying. Even not listening to … Continue reading Fairly Sound Self-Medication

Shooting for Permanent Honeymoon

One of the reasons I left my home, my job and a very cozy place is to find a certain environment that I'm going to fully enjoy. Changing my location regularly requires a whole lot of critical awareness about my current environment. Having changed places before, I know about the honeymoon phase. Even being totally … Continue reading Shooting for Permanent Honeymoon