Spanner + Box

Since being a kid, I’ve been interested in all kinds of technology. Playing with everything from toys to household devices (and human beings sometimes) sparked my excitement for emergent systems. Tearing down a brick tower wasn’t enough. It was required to be connected to certain events, like people entering the room or melting candy. I never burned down a house, I promise. At least I made a drawing of a burning house once.


HDR + Bloom + Gravity + Trails

Over time, that turned into a strong affection to IT, leading to extensive studies and some free time projects. My playful side during that time got fed mostly by video games and I permanently tried to get under the hood, being fascinated by how vivid those games look, sound and feel. Learning my first programming language (BASIC ironically) left me in disbelief about somebody being actually able to turn those bland lines of source code into something that kept me up for countless nights, stressing keyboards and gamepads alike. While practicing how to not repeatedly reinvent the wheel for myself that disbelief eventually waned. Subsequently, I delved deeply into computer graphics, 3D rendering and engine development in particular, allowing me to literally see the other side and fine-tune my senses accordingly.

Fancy Office Building

Then, I’ve been working as an IT/Engineering consultant, taking care of both the organizational and technical workload. Although those two are coupled tightly and inseparable, I have a preference for concrete technical implementation and user experience and I’m able to handle the inherent complexity of building and maintaining IT systems which is not always that obvious. Working and being with other people keeps my oxytocin levels stable and permanently reminds me of a simple fact: I’m doing that solely for people, including myself. A planet without people doesn’t care for technology. The same applies to all kinds of creativity. I noticed that a lot of people are missing the creative part in their life, however they are totally able to express creativity in their own way when not being bogged down by their daily struggles too much. I believe that there has to be at least a tiny bit of passion to be really good at doing something.

Little Planet in Berlin

Having packed my graphics tablet, a 2.5 octave MIDI keyboard and a 360 degree camera, I’m regularly supporting and enriching my daily work with some playfulness, leaving me inspired and open to new body/mind adventures. Besides carrying around about 15 kg, I’m doing Parkour wherever I go. Walls are not just meant for supporting a roof. Also, I found all of that to be a truly marvelous way to keep my pace and balance, focusing on what I’d like to do next. I’m open-minded, explorative and I enjoy approaching people, regardless whether they’re about to become a friend, an acquaintance, a business contact, anything in between or nothing at all.

I’m nomadic, which essentially means that my mind and my backpack is my home. That involves being attracted to WiFi hotspots and power outlets though. To get in touch with me, look for a red jacket and a friendly smile around my current location as shown below or leave me a message: Contact me or catch me!

Rainbow Road