Coming Soon: Gravity Lane


Instead of drawing a random image that somehow fits the theme of my next blog post, I created a video game instead. A few months ago I realized that static images are no longer enough to satisfy my creative needs. Around the same time I stumbled across a good place in Colombia to be very productive and couldn’t resist using my graphics tablet, MIDI keyboard and Laptop to create Gravity Lane, a unique six degrees-of-freedom racing game. It is, indeed, the first actual gravity racer. The only way to move around is to create little black holes in your vicinity, pulling you closer (how cute!). Since there is no up and down, the race-in-reverse feature of common racing games is already included. Right now, a few teaser screenshots and a short gameplay trailer should give you, dear reader, a short glimpse of what there is to come.


I like bright colors … and deserts.
People are usually impatient so the “Training” button in Gravity Lane’s main menu is huge.
Flying backwards is necessary because there is no brake.
And I like contrast! The menu is less loud and bright at the same time, letting you relax a bit.



During the next months, a bunch of posts will pile up here, mainly about the final release and all related topics like: Game Development, Game Design and random reflections about Latin America. I am really having a good time here!


Gravity Lane got submitted to IGF2019 here: Depending on other festivals and life in general, I’ll very likely be on one or more festivals. Hit me up if you’d like to get in touch!



Gravity got nominated for Innovation and Best Latin American Game at BIG 2019 in São Paulo, Brazil! Also, a lot of people played it there, for a short glimpse of what you missed on various video game conferences throughout the year watch this:

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