Nocturnal Animal

Obtaining good-looking night shots with the 360 camera is a bit more difficult. Besides always being required to manually set the white balance, anything above ISO 100 leads to far too much noise. However, without wind and a tripod, it’s possible to capture the typical warm-white city lighting plus sharp contours at night. Most of those shots were taken at ISO 100 and shutter times from 1/4 up to 1 sec. Don’t expect me to catch moving objects with those settings. However, I think that driving cars don’t look that bad, even a bit more interesting as usual.

In Florence they use huge projectors to make drawings and ads appear on old buildings and bridges, as for Ponte Vecchio. I found a spot with proper dynamic range (means the projector itself is not visible from there):

I didn’t go to Oxford during Christmas, but New Year’s Eve. Nobody was around, students were almost exclusively on vacation during that weekend. The only thing that reminds of Christmas having happened is the tree next to the library. For some unknown reason, somebody put cold-white LEDs on that:

Venice isn’t very green in general and it’s definitely lacking parks. Being built on nothing more than an artificial bunch of rocks, it’s hard to maintain plants and trees. Still, you’ll find some there and the overall atmosphere is very pleasant especially during carnival opening. It’s neither crazy nor exhausting, the crowd is happily chatting and having a glass of red wine once in a while. That’s a shot from one of the bigger bridges there:

Those two boats were actually speeding, it’s not only the long shutter time.

Next, four shots from Stockholm. Because those Scandinavian clouds are a bit lower (compared to central/continental Europe at least), there’s a lot of indirect light. Overall, it’s been very bright there, even at night:

A freehand automatic mode shot in Florence. Colors are authentic but it’s quite noisy:

And finally, a 10-second shot from my former living room at night. It wasn’t completely dark due to street lighting but even those little blue and green LEDs (Philips Hue bridge and subwoofer) manged to illuminate a small portion of the room. I’ve been hiding under the table, sitting still:

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