First blog post

I didn’t bother to change the name of WordPress’s default first blog post because it’s a good fit. That blog begins here! First, I thought about posting to Facebook only because I already had some audience there, being interested in at least a bunch of pictures and some slightly funny text on top of that. After a three weeks binge-posting experiment I realized that people:

  • like pictures of girls (even girls themselves)
  • like snow
  • don’t click embedded Youtube links (carefully selected musical support for reading a post)

As soon as snow hits the ground, most people start complaining or skiing, at least around the mountainside. Yet, I guess that snow looks pretty appealing, being viewed on your smartphone’s screen at home, lying on a cozy couch.

In general, it seems people are just wasting their time on Facebook, randomly skimming their timeline. Being in that mode, it’s hard clicking a link to a longer text-heavy post and subsequently delving into mind adventures on further pages. Also, a lot of people are using Facebook to keep in visual touch with their friends and relatives which is probably the easiest way when you’re on the road, living an expat life or after having permanently moved to another, far-away place.

After all, it’s all about the audience. I hope to find some people who are willing to take their time to read posts while using their brains and the Internet to discuss, inspire and to feel inspired by whatever is to come.

Thanks for reading!


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